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Apricot - Begonia Bulbs (Roseform)

Apricot - Begonia Bulbs (Roseform)

Plant in Spring Pre-Order; Ships Spring 2024
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Size Price Savings Quantity
3 Tubers Spring-Planted | Ships in Spring $14.54
6 Tubers Spring-Planted | Ships in Spring $26.18 10% Savings
12 Tubers Spring-Planted | Ships in Spring $46.55 ($3.88/each) 20% Savings
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Life Cycle Perennial
Planting Season Spring
Color Orange
Growth Habit Mounding
Bloom Season Summer

Plant Characteristics Attracts Bees, Attracts Pollinators, Easy to Grow & Maintain, Fast Growing
Use Container Garden
Growing Conditions Outdoor, Shade Tolerant, Wet Area Tolerant
Plant Resistance Deer, Rabbit

About Apricot - Begonia Bulbs (Roseform)

Begonia tuberhybridia

Seed Type Tuber
Plant Type Roseform
Also known as Tuberhybrida Begonia

When people think of a Begonia, the image that most people see is the Roseform apricot. It has a striking resemblance to a rose, but the similiarity stops there. The begonia Roseform is not nearly as particular and demanding as a rose. Just plant these bulbs in partial sun or shade and keep the soil most. In no time you will be enjoying lush golden blooms with reddish hues throughout the season.

Planting Information

Planting Apricot - Begonia Bulbs (Roseform)

Planting Season Spring
Light Requirement Full Sun, Partial Shade
Planting Depth 2 inches deep
Plant Height 12 to 18 inches
Plant Spacing 6 to 8 inches
Water Needs Low
Hardiness Zones 8, 9, 10, 11
Bulb Size 5 to 6 cm circumference
View our Begonia Planting Guide to learn more.


Recommended Coverage
3 Tubers / Spring-Planted | Ships in Spring Up to 1 Sq. Ft
6 Tubers / Spring-Planted | Ships in Spring Up to 2 Sq. Ft
12 Tubers / Spring-Planted | Ships in Spring Up to 4 Sq. Ft

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