Easy to Grow Flower Bulbs

You’re just a few blooms away from a beautiful garden bursting with color. Our bulbs have graced gardens for years and have stood the test of time. They return again and again with abundant blooms to admire outdoors or to bring inside as cut arrangements. Whether you’re looking to plant a field of dahlias, a small cut flower garden, a simple container or to give as gifts, we offer an unmatched selection of color, variety and quality. Get started on your path to beauty and discover the rewards of planting flower bulbs.

New & Hard to Find

Flower Bulbs

The Flower Bulb Farm was established with creative gardeners in mind—people who desire the newest, most unique and highest quality bulbs in the country. These bulbs are especially for you. They provide additional interest, intriguing color and texture, and rare features. But they are no more difficult to grow than any other flower bulb and no more expensive. Explore our collections. Embark on your next gardening adventure. Enjoy the journey, and revel in the results.