Life Cycle Perennial
Planting Season Fall, Spring
Color Mixed
Growth Habit Clumping, Upright
Bloom Season Spring through Late Spring

Plant Characteristics Attracts Bees, Attracts Butterflies, Attracts Pollinators, Easy to Grow & Maintain, Fast Growing
Use Container Garden, Cut Flower Garden
Growing Conditions Cold Tolerant, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Plant Resistance Deer, Rabbit

About Moment in Time - Anemone & Ranunculus Bulbs

Ranunculus,Anemone coronaria

Seed Type Corm

Introducing our latest mix, Moment in Time, featuring a delightful selection of our most cherished ranunculus and anemone varieties. With our Moment in Time Mix, you can experience the magic and unparalleled beauty of these cherished flowers as they grow together, creating an unforgettable symphony of colors and textures in your spring garden. While ranunculus often takes center stage, it's important not to overlook the captivating charm of anemones. These flowers hold their own, lasting just as long in a vase and boasting a unique appearance that is unmatched by any other. Meanwhile, ranunculus exude a captivating allure, often compared to miniature cabbage roses. Each bloom is irresistible, with an abundance of petals that adds to their undeniable charm.

Planting Information

Planting Moment in Time - Anemone & Ranunculus Bulbs

Planting Season Fall, Spring
Light Requirement Full Sun, Partial Shade
Planting Depth 2 to 5 inches
Plant Height Varies
Plant Spacing 2 to 6 inches
Hardiness Zones 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Bulb Size Varies
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Companions Plants

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