Our Guarantee

The Flower Bulb Farm sells the finest and freshest bulbs in the industry!

That said, we can make no explicit guarantees or allowances for circumstances over which we have no control. Bad weather, poor timing, and human error can all lead to unanticipated and unsatisfactory results. As all experienced gardeners are aware, Mother Nature does not guarantee perfection, and neither can we. What we can, and do promise, however, is that the products you purchase from us will be of the highest quality to be found anywhere.

Our bulbs are intended for growth in the United States only. We cannot guarantee successful germination rates for any bulb grown outside of the U.S., nor can we provide any planting advice or information for international planting. Planting bulbs outside of the U.S. will be at the planter’s own risk and therefore cannot be covered under our Guarantee. Contacting the desired area's local Agricultural office for planting advice and information is highly recommended.