How to Plant Paperwhite Bulbs

When to Plant Paperwhite Bulbs

Paperwhite bulbs are a snap to plant indoors and require only minimum effort and time. They are a fall planted bulb that will provide weeks of beautiful sweet-scented blooms. Although Paperwhite bulbs can be planted outdoor in warmer climates, most customers purchase them for indoor planting.

Where to Plant Paperwhite Bulbs

Select a pretty container (a shallow bowl, a low pot or even a tall clear vase), and place in a sunny spot indoors.

How to Plant Paperwhite Bulbs

Add a shallow layer of sand, gravel, stones, or soil at the bottom of the pot and place the bulbs on top, bulbs pointing upward. Put a few stones or gravels around and between the bulbs. Leave the tops of the bulbs exposed. Finally, add water until the level reaches just below the base of the bulbs, but no higher (if the bases of the bulbs sit in water, they will rot). The soil or rocks in the bottom of the container keep the bulbs from staying too damp. While your bulbs are rooting, keep your pot in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Water thoroughly when the planting medium at the bottom is dry but make sure that the water never touches the bulb’s base. If your bulbs are in a pot without a drainage hole, water with extra care: bulbs sitting in soggy potting mix will rot quickly.

How to Care for Paperwhites

Regularly check on the rooting by tugging gently on the bulbs. About 3 weeks after potting, when your tug meets with firm resistance, move the container to a sunny spot. If you want your Paperwhite bulbs to bloom around Christmas, plan on planting them between the 1st and 2nd week of November. You may store unplanted bulbs in it's open bag or box in a dark and cool place and schedule plantings at 10 days interval—this way, you may enjoy blooms all winter long!