How to Plant Helenium Roots

About Helenium

Helenium 'Moerheim Beauty' is highly prized by gardeners for its extremely long blooming season and its unique and outstanding color. It features deep, rich, dark orange and red petals surrounding a prominent chocolate brown center disk rimmed with gold and covered with golden pollen that attracts butterflies.

When to Plant Helenium Roots

Plant your Helenium in the spring, after your final frost date.

Where to Plant Helenium Roots

Helenium should be planted in Full Sun, in fertile, well-draining soil, with a good amount of organic matter - but also stays relatively moist.

How to Plant Helenium Roots

Dig a hole twice the size of the Helenium, sprinkle in organic matter, and install the bulb. Backfill with soil until it is even with the top of the Helenium.

How to Care for Helenium

If weather in your area is dry, water your Helenium regularly for the first month so they establish their roots. In areas with regular rainfall, Helenium can grow as tall as 4 feet, and may need staking for support. Deadheading faded flowers will encourage new blooms. Once blooms are spent, cut the stalks down to the foliage.