How to Plant Black Eyed Susan Roots

When to Plant Black Eyed Susan Roots

Plant your Black-eyed Susan Roots in the Spring, as soon as the soil is workable and the danger of frost has passed.

Where to Plant Black Eyed Susan Roots

Choose a location in full sun, or partial shade, with well-draining and nutrient rich soil. Add organic matter into the garden for better soil texture. Water approximately 1 inch of water each week; this encourages root spread without water logging. If in wet soil conditions, roots may rot.

How to Plant Black Eyed Susan Roots

Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the roots without bending them. Work the soil in and around the roots, lightly compress them and water thoroughly.

How to Care for your Black-eyed Susan Roots

Black-eyed Susans produce fibrous roots that spread horizontally in the soil. They stay shallow to take advantage of the nutrients and moisture in the top 24 inches of soil for maximum growth. As the roots spread, they grow into clumps -- these can be divided in the fall after blooming.