How to Plant Bearded Iris Rhizomes

When to Plant Bearded Irises

Plant your Bearded Iris rhizomes in the late Summer or early Fall. Rhizomes may bloom lightly their first season, but they will fully establish themselves and regularly bloom in subsequent years.

Where to Plant Bearded Irises

Plant your rhizomes in a sunny spot where the soil is well-draining and has a pH level of a little less than 7. If necessary, do a soil test and amend the soil accordingly.

How to Plant Bearded Irises

Allow for plenty of space between rhizomes so they don't get too crowded. Space your Iris rhizomes 8-12" apart and position them horizontally. Place the rhizomes into their spots in your planting area and water them well.

How to Care for Bearded Irises

When your Bearded Irises are done blooming for the season, cut back the green foliage to about 4-6 inches high so the plant won't waste energy trying to maintain the leaves throughout the winter. Divide your rhizomes every 3-4 years.