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The Flower Bulb Farm sells the finest and freshest bulbs in the industry!

That said, we can make no explicit guarantees or allowances for circumstances over which we have no control. Bad weather, poor timing, and human error can all lead to unanticipated and unsatisfactory results. As all experienced gardeners are aware, Mother Nature does not guarantee perfection, and neither can we. What we can, and do promise, however, is that the products you purchase from us will be of the highest quality to be found anywhere.

Our bulbs are intended for growth in the United States only. We cannot guarantee successful germination rates for any bulb grown outside of the U.S., nor can we provide any planting advice or information for international planting. Planting bulbs outside of the U.S. will be at the planter’s own risk and therefore cannot be covered under our Guarantee. Contacting the desired area's local Agricultural office for planting advice and information is highly recommended.


If You Have a Question or Complaint Concerning Germination…

We recommend that you first simply consult the internet, or any other reliable horticultural source (ex. your area Ag extension agent, local master gardener members, etc.) to properly gauge the scope of the situation. Most often, dissatisfaction with germination stems not from crop failure, but from either:

  • Unrealistic expectation of bloom cycles 
  • Failure to plant according to prescribed procedures and season 

If no satisfactory answer can be achieved through these channels, we welcome you to then contact our customer service department for further assistance.

However, if you remain convinced that the viability of the bulbs you planted were somehow defective and that no honest explanation for the problem can be ascertained, per approval by our customer service department, we will offer you a choice of either:

  • Store credit for the price paid for the item plus 20% of the amount paid for that item built into the store credit, to be used on a future order
  • Refund for the full amount paid for the item in question


If You Believe You Were Shipped Bulbs That Were Mislabeled…

Although a rare occurrence, this does sometimes happen due to simple human error during the packing process. If you believe that this is the case with your order, please notify us as soon as the problem has been detected and attach an accompanying photo to an email to help us better understand the mistake. Once a mistake is acknowledged by us, the customer will be offered their choice of either:

  • Store credit for the price paid for the item plus 20% of the amount paid for that item built into the store credit
  • Refund for the full amount that you paid for the item in question


If You Wish To Cancel an Order For Any Reason Prior to Shipment…

Simply email or call us ASAP, and as long as the order in question has not been processed for shipment, a full cash refund will be issued within ten (10) days.


If You Wish To Return Unused Goods To Us…

Refunds cannot be provided for Bulb/Perennial items due to their perishable nature.

Our Address:

2099 Brevard Rd
Arden, NC 28704

Customer Service Hours:

Monday - Friday
9am to 5pm
Saturday & Sunday

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