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Shipping Questions

How do you ship?

Standard shipping for bulbs and roots is through the U.S. Postal Service. Orders of larger weight and/or volume will be shipped via FedEx. Once shipped, items take approximately 3-5 days in transit. If your shipping address requires a specific method of shipment, please include a note in the CUSTOMER NOTES section at checkout to let us know of your address restrictions and we will adjust accordingly, or contact you for further options.

Please note, additional fees may be necessary for some shipping requests. All orders will receive an email confirmation of shipping once they leave our warehouse. This confirmation will include a tracking number which will confirm the method of shipment and provide an estimated date of delivery.

When will my order ship?

Seasonal bulbs ship according to your USDA growing zone, when it is the optimal time to plant them in your area (view the zone shipping schedule here).

Do you offer International shipping?

We are unable to accommodate International shipping. Due to the nature of our product, there are some very strict regulations and fees placed on export practices, and at this time we are unable to comply. Additionally, we are unable to provide any documentation or phytosanitary certificates that would be required for export/import.

Why is my order in separate shipments?

Bulb and Perennial products are only available seasonally and will ship according to our shipping schedule, based on your USDA Zone. You can find more information about our seasonal shipping here. If for any reason we experience a delay in receiving our bulb shipments and cannot ship your order in full, we will on occasion split the order so we may ship the available items, while we wait for the outstanding inventory to arrive. However, to decrease our use of packaging and materials, we typically will ship orders as complete once delayed bulbs arrive.

Product Questions

Are your bulbs treated?

All of the commercial flower bulbs have been grown under industry field standards and practices which can include the application of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers while under field cultivation in Holland. We can confirm that upon delivery of the bulbs to the processing facility that all bulbs are washed in clear water to thoroughly remove all soil particles to comply with USDA Phytosanitary requirements, then dried, packed and placed into storage. No chemical dips or sprays have been applied to the bulbs. Further, upon receipt of the bulbs at our facilities here in the USA no chemical sprays for dips are applied.

Can I have my bulbs shipped out of season?

No, we don't ship bulbs out of season. You can place an order for Spring or Fall planted bulbs at almost any time throughout the year, but bulb products are only available for shipment within their designated seasons. To see more information about our seasonal shipping, click here.

I Received my Bulbs, Now What?

When you receive your shipment of bulbs or perennial roots, we recommend unpacking and planting the products as soon as possible. Bulbs and Perennial Roots are perishable, and as such should not spend extended time in storage if at all possible. If it is necessary to keep bulbs stored for any length of time prior to planting, we recommend that you keep them in a dark, cool and dry location. It is not necessary to refrigerate most bulbs (with the exception of Lilies and Peony roots) but exposure to moisture, heat and light should be limited.

General Questions

Why can’t I place an order without an email address?

We need to be able to send you both an email invoice to confirm your order, as well as shipping confirmations that will include tracking information on your shipments. These emails are sent both to verify information and to protect your interests as a customer. Please note that we do not sell or share your email information with any other party. Ever.

Do you charge Sales Tax?

The Flower Bulb Farm charges sales tax on orders shipping to a number of states where we are required by law to collect state tax. The amount of sales tax charged depends on products purchased, the shipping destination of the order, and the location from which orders are shipped. For more information and to see the states involved, visit our Sales Tax page.

Do you have a catalog?

Our products are offered exclusively online. We don't print a catalog because our stock rotates quickly and many of our items are on seasonal availability. We have found that if we were to print a catalog, it would most likely be out of date by the time it reached you. Additionally, the costs incurred in printing and postage of a catalog would have a negative effect on our prices, and we try very hard to maintain competitive pricing on our highest quality products. You can find our entire up-to-date selection available online.

And remember, you can always give us a call to assist you with placing an order over the phone.

Can I use more than one coupon code per order?

We offer customers the option of joining our VIP email list where we regularly announce discounts and provide special offers. However, we only allow one coupon to be used with each order. 

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